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WA AFCC Conference Materials

The recent WA AFCC First Annual Conference was recorded on video and audio formats. DVD and CD sets are available for a reduced package price for the full set. There are options below with pricing for individual segments as follows. For additional information please contact us at 

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Descriptions of the training seminar segments are provided below the order menu.  

DVD Set WA AFCC 2011 (5 DVDs)  $50.00
DVD Gatekeeping and Alienation -- Dr. Hedrick $15.00 single section
DVD Thorny Issues: Child Sexual Abuse Allegations -- Dr. Rybicki  $15.00 single section
DVD Judges Panel $15.00 single section
DVD Parenting Coordinator, Special Master $15.00 single section
DVD Preventing Ethics Complaints - Dr. Benjamin $15.00 single section


CD Set WA AFCC 2011 (5 CDs) $40.00
CD Gatekeeping and Alienation -- Dr. Hedrick $10.00 single section
CD Thorny Issues: Child Sexual Abuse Allegations -- Dr. Rybicki $10.00 single section
CD Judges Panel $10.00 single section
CD Parenting Coordinator, Special Master $10.00 single section
CD Preventing Ethics Complaints - Dr. Benjamin $10.00 single section

Program Faculty and Course Description

Gatekeeping and Alienation   -- Dr. Marsha Hedrick

This session covered the concepts of Maternal Gatekeeping and Parental Alienation. Key concepts, definitions of terms, issues of relevance to family court evaluations, and appropriate interventions are addressed.

Learning Objectives:

Gain understanding of gatekeeping as a naturally occurring process

Learn distinctions between restrictive and facilitative coparenting

Understand relationship between gatekeeping and alienation processes

Dr. Marsha Hedrick has been in private practice in Seattle for 25 years and has completed more than 550 parenting evaluations for courts in Washington State during that time. She is board certified in forensic psychology through the American Board of Forensic Psychology and teaches seminars for that organization nationally.

Thorny Issues in Family Law: Investigating Allegations of Sexual Abuse -- Dr. Daniel Rybicki

Systematic and research guided investigation is the key to productive parenting evaluations. Complex cases often bring allegations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, abusive use of conflict and substance abuse. Methods of assessment and intervention are addressed.

Learning Objectives:

Recognize essential components of systematic investigation methodology and relationship to demonstrating logical nexus from data to recommendations

Acquire outlines of key domains of investigation

Increase understanding of conceptual pitfalls and risks for bias or distortion when systematic investigation methods are not employed

Dr. Daniel Rybicki is licensed in four states and provides forensic psychological services including parenting evaluations and psychological testing. He has conducted over 350 full child custody evaluations. Dr. Rybicki also has expertise in high conflict cases and relocation cases. He holds a diplomate in Forensic Psychology from the American Board of Psychological Specialties and is currently serving as the Founding President of the WA AFCC Chapter.

View from the Bench – Issues, Concerns, Ideas for the Future

This session was a roundtable discussion with several notable local judicial officers. There was some brief commentary and panel discussion of recent caselaw, legislative issues, and contemporary concerns as seen from the bench. The panel was moderated by Judge Paula Casey with input from Comm. Les Ponomarchuk, Judge Paula Casey, Judge James Orlando, and Judge Deborah Fleck.

Learning Objectives:

Become familiar with recent judicial rulings that impact parenting evaluations and interventions in Washington

Gain understanding of emerging issues and principles guiding family law matters as seen from the bench

Develop awareness of issues and methods considered most useful for evaluation and intervention as seen by the Court

Judge Paula Casey is the Presiding Judge of Thurston Co. Superior Court. She was instrumental in founding Thurston County’s Family and Juvenile Court process. Judge Orlando serves in Pierce County while Judge Fleck and Comm. Ponomarchuk serve in King County. All of these judicial officers are well-acquainted with the challenges of family law matters.

Parenting Coordinators, Case Managers, Special Masters for Resolving Family Conflict: Introductions and Comparisons Across Counties

This presentation brought together several professionals who have been instrumental in developing methods for addressing high conflict family law matters. The services they describe go by different names and reflect emerging practices across diverse counties. Brief presentations and panel discussion of developments were covered by Frances Kevetter, Esq. (moderator), Karin Ballantyne, MSW, Judge Paula Casey, and Dr. Landon Poppleton.

Learning Objectives:

Learn distinctions between current concepts of case manager, parenting coordinator and special master

Facilitate development of training standards and practice guidelines for the hybrid roles of parenting coordinators/special masters

Expand knowledge of other practice models used in other jurisdictions

Frances Kevetter is a Guardian Ad Litem in King and Pierce County with extensive experience in assessment and intervention in family law matters. Karin Ballantyne

is a Social Worker who handles case manager roles for high conflict families and is well-known in King County for her facilitating post-divorce problem-solving. Judge Paula Casey has been active in the development of parenting coordinator services in Thurston County. Dr. Landon Poppleton has been working to develop parenting coordinator services in Clark County and brings a perspective on the challenges of introducing novel interventions to local jurisdictions.

Preventing Ethics Complaints: Compliance with Professional Standards and Guidelines for Practice   Dr. Andrew Benjamin with Panel

This session addressed areas of risky practice and common pitfalls that can derail parenting evaluations and GAL investigations. Guidance for preventing board complaints and adhering to defensible practices was presented along with discussion and commentary by other presenters from the conference.

G. Andrew Benjamin, Ph.D., J.D., ABPP is a past president of the Washington State Psychological Association and a frequent presenter at local and national conferences. He has authored books on conducting child custody evaluations and on law and ethics.